Brianna Marki Feinman


My name is Brianna Marki Feinman. My purpose is to share my perspective and truths through playing with the art of creation (PWTAOC).

My primary medium of expression resides in the 2-dimensional form. Additionally I explore various other media such as the written and spoken word. Since I can remember I have loved creating art.

After a period of exploring various interests such as athletics, I renewed artist focus and began a foray in sketch art that led renditions of cartoon characters such as those of Hanna-Barbara and Walt Disney. After a couple of months I began to develop my own style through an exploratory phase of self-reflection. I was also exposed to myriad artists on social media from Bryant Giles to Alex Grey, Danny Sofa to Kieran Valde, Raintheneo (ONEWING) to Zach Thompson. I found myself strongly resonating with the genre of abstract-neo-expressionism. In all of their work, I found an interconnectedness within the abstraction. From there I began creating, using these interwoven styles as creative fodder to formulate my own unique essence. While infusing these standalones with my own creative process, I was also beginning to go through a spiritual awakening.

When I say “spiritual awakening”, I am referring to a heightened sense of awareness regarding the interdimentionality of all things; what it means to be alive, and what my purpose is in this lifetime. Once I began developing my own true style, I had no idea what it was that I was channeling. People have often asked me to explain the subject matter and its meaning. I would usually reply with something like, “It’s whatever you think it is.” It was weird, preternatural, and metaphysical.

I know this is pretty deep, and it’s the truth. My truth. Through my awareness I feel that my art symbolizes the totality of everything in existence; the way it all comes together to make up a greater whole. I also feel that on some level, this integration of form manifests visually/physically in anything and everything. Like the way a flower is nearly of perfect symmetry, or that water flows in different directions but is all one. Everything is an exponential variation of one thing or of one source. In essence, it is all inextricably interwoven. It all comes together as one.

With gratitude,
Marki One

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